Microsoft is rolling out its first major update to Windows 11

Windows 11

The most recent operating system release from Microsoft adds app folders to the Start menu, drag-and-drop functionality on the taskbar, new touch gestures and animations, and several accessibility enhancements.

Some of Windows 11’s new features are more difficult to use than others.
Some require you to make a clean install rather than updating your PC the way you always have, such as the Smart App Control feature that uses AI to assess whether an app you just installed is safe or malicious.

The Windows 11 2022 Update won’t be accessible on all gadgets at once.
“When data indicates that your device is ready, the measured and staged deployment will provide the update via Windows Update.

This update will greatly reduce the download size for these key Windows 11 feature updates in addition to adding a number of new features and enhancements.

According to Microsoft, download sizes for many Windows 11 users should decrease by about 450MB, and monthly cumulative update installation times have also been improved.

Maher Asaad Baker, SOLAV news.



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